DESERTTECH SRS-A1 Covert Sniper Rifle

The SRS-A1 Covert is the most versatile sniper system in the world. With the ability to quickly switch between ten different calibers, operators can change the rifle length, penetration, and distance capabilities based on mission requirements.


THE SRS-A1 COVERT RIFLE WAS PURPOSE-DESIGNED FOR POLICE and military snipers requiring ultimate concealability and maneuverability. Superb ergonomics accuracy put the compact platform in sync with the frontline marksmen who wield it. At its essence, the 27-inch Covert is a long range tool capable of 1000-yard groupings while remaining as nimble as a submachine gun. It is the most compact sniper rifle on the planet.


Each conversion kit comes with a barrel, bolt, and magazine.

Left-handed SRS-A1 also available.

Caliber Options          Barrel Length             Rifle Length                Weight                        Barrel Twist    Mag Capacity

.308 Winchester         16” (40.64 cm)            27 (68.58 cm)              9.95 lb (4.51 kg)         1 in 8”             6 -10

.300 Win Mag             18” (45.72 cm)            29” (73.66 cm)            10.20 lb (4.63 kg)       1 in 8”             5

.338 LM                       18” (45.72 cm)            29” (73.66 cm)            10.20 lb (4.63 kg)       1 in 9”             5


Plus: SRS-A1 Calibers

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