Our Mission

At Garaysar our mission is to manufacture the highest quality American firearms, parts, and always at a fair price, keeping in mind our customer is number one. We continue to strive for excellence in quality and performance in everything we do. We hold all of the parts we manufacture to exacting tolerances, using state of the art machining processes. By exceeding military standards, Garaysar ensures the best fit possible for every function; leading to a smoother, more reliable, and more accurate weapon. Our team consists of weapons enthusiasts, retired law enforcement, and military personnel, as well as highly experienced designers, engineers and machine operators who come together to manufacture one of the industry’s most innovative high quality firearms.

  Our company tag line “Unfailing Precision” speaks to the quality of the parts we produce, and to the dedication to quality throughout the manufacturing process here at Garaysar. You can’t produce a precision product without precision engineering and precision manufacturing.


We constantly test our skills and expertise while manufacturing the products we are proud to put our own name on. That means that when it comes time for us to put your name on reliable weapon, we know we can deliver. 

Garaysar’s technology provide the right type of solutions for every mission. Since our founding we have successfully fulfilled numerous defense and security-related projects around the world. Our unique vision and unusual approach, dedication to quality, professionalism of our personnel, uncompromising passion for our services and products we make is what leads us to the high degree of client satisfaction that has established Garaysar as an undisputed leader in modern weaponry.


Due to our unique experience in global theaters of war, as well as being established in the United States, we have a superior ability to implement solutions from the west, in the east.